Apparently, a new Sisters of Battle codex is on the way

So, today, Games Workshop more or less confirmed what many were already speculating at for months: that, sometime later this year, a new Sisters of Battle codex is being dropped.

The news was officially previewed today, along with the reveal for a whole lot of new units of models, many of which had been teased ahead of time for weeks, if not months, beforehand. This did a lot to fuel the speculation of an incoming Sisters codex: units like the Paragon Warsuits, Castigator Tank, Dogmata and Sacresants had already been previewed, and the Palatine had already been made available, along with rules, in the Piety and Pain boxed set. At least one new unit had been previewed, though– namely a new special character, Morvenn Vahl, a High Lord of Terra (the High Lady of the Sororitas? I had thought the Sororitas fell under the purview of the Ecclesiarch?), striding into war in her own personal Paragon Warsuit.

Here are some of my own quick thoughts on the new codex:

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