Ruminating on the to-do list

c. Dave Kendall

So lately, it feels like writing has become something of a Sisyphean task for me. It’s not so much that writing itself is all that difficult: if anything, I’ve found that I’ve had more to say, and more energy with which to write it. The problem is, lately it feels like the things that I want to do are vastly outstripping the time with which I have/want to do them.

Just as an indication of what I mean, this is what my to-do list looks like right now, in no particular order:

-The next one or two parts of The Voyages of the Iron Duchess. The first season of the campaign has been long since over, I just haven’t gotten around to posting any more recaps of it yet.

-A formal review of the new Sisters of Battle codex

-At least three or four different batreps, plus the threat of more every time I play a game (and I have been playing a lot more as of late)

-Reviews of things I have read or watched (starting with my take on HBO’s Watchmen)

Of course, what confounds matters is that, despite living on my own and despite having more control over my own schedule, I still find myself feeling exhausted at times when I get home from work. Other times, there are things I have to do, while other times there I things that I want to do that I have been putting off for what feels like an age– I still have an entire list on Steam to play through, a shelf full of books waiting to be read, movies I’ve been curious about, etc etc.

It just feels like lately, the fact that I have all the time in the world feels like a demand rather than a fact, and then it feels like I don’t have nearly enough time each day after work. The fact that the endless shininess of the internet is a huge distraction for my easily led a astray, slightly autistic brain, doesn’t help matters in the slightest.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I suck at time/project management, and as such, what should be a leisure activity for me instead is feeling more and more like a chore, as the list of things I feel I need to write just keep piling up and up. Maybe I need to be more forgiving of myself, and I will concede, being forgiving of myself is something that I have always historically sucked at. I will try to get my future projects off the ground (no promises on how long it will take), though I really need to prioritize which ones I need to do first. Of course, if any readers want to drop hints on what from the above list they’d like to see me do first, then that would be quite helpful (hint hint)

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