A Quick Update– Yes, I’m Still Alive

Artist unknown

This is just a quick life update to anyone who has me on their feed. One, I am still alive and quite healthy, despite the worldwide pandemic that’s been going on. And two, no, I haven’t given up on posting on this blog….although admittedly, up until recently, there was quite a lot of emotional labour kind of preventing me from doing so.

So what has been going on on my end? Well, in no particular order, I have been:

-Dealing with the stress of learning new on-the-job duties while working from home, and having to try to manage my professional career and home-bound distractions at the same time.

-Having to worry over a cat who, for the past few months, has been exhibiting extreme gastric distress (constant diarrhea, wonky appetites). This has led to me giving him a revolving list of medications, and him, in turn, constantly pestering me for food at night and leaving me in a zombified state the following day. His vets have only finally determined that he has leukemia, and so now begins the lengthy process of him receiving both chemotherapy and prednisone. As I said, it’s been a constantly source of worry, attention, and financial stress for me.

-Just in general, being cooped up indoors for most of the day, unable to contact most of the people I know except through online means, has had a weird impact on me. I have just lately been feeling more mentally and physically drained, and often unable or unwilling to engage in things that I once found pleasurable.

That being said, I am trying to snap out of it a little before winter (and seasonal depression) kick in. I hope to write more short musings, more long musings, more annoying essays that you can’t wait to skip over, and more things pertaining to the geeky things that I love, all the while I continue to pretend that everything is normal, there isn’t a worldwide pandemic going on, and that the world isn’t slowly imploding a little more every day. Cool? Cool.

Until then, of course, to whoever is reading this, thanks for doing so. Your continued attention means a lot to me right now.

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