Rifts: Fallout rules

(image above by Bethesda Softworks)


So, I will make no secret of the fact that I am a rabid Fallout fan. I absolutely love the setting, with its madcap humour, its retro-60’s aesthetic juxtaposed with a horrible post-apocalyptic hellscape, and with its emphasis on narrative storytelling and open-world freedom.  Fallouts 3, and New Vegas remain some of my favourite RPGs ever, and it has always bothered me that there isn’t a dedicated, pen and paper Fallout RPG system– that is, except for an old GURPS module that is now out of print. Despite the fact that Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is in the works as a minis game, and despite Fantasy Flight’s recent Fallout board game, there seems to be no news of a Fallout RPG system in the works, much to my sadness.

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When Dwarven gods get angry…

So I just want to share something very quickly. Last night I was participating in a session of the D&D starter campaign, wherein the party was confronting the Bugbear King Grol in his throne room. The Human Warrior and the Dragonborn Ranger were both nearly dead, and while the Dragonborn had early managed to take off a third of Grol’s health with a whirlwind attack of axes, the Bugbear was only down a third of his health. In desperation, my Dwarven cleric, Baern Anvilbreaker, conjured Spiritual Weapon, summoning a ghostly, flying hammer from his patron god, Marthammor Duin….

…which proceeded to crit, and roll max damage with a shot aimed at Grol’s nethers! The Bugbear King was instantly taken out by one low blow from a ghostly hammer, after everything else had just bounced off of his armour!

I am now advocating that the Nutcracker of Marthammor Duin be a rare artefact in the game.