Dragonstar character intro– Birth of a Soul Mech

c. Frankie Perez

So lately, with the Rifts: Warlords of Russia campaign I’ve been involved in winding to a close, another person in my usual RPG group has now started up a Dragonstar campaign. For those of you who don’t know, Dragonstar is a setting by Fantasy Flight Games that essentially takes the usual high fantasy elements of a Dungeons and Dragons setting (ie Elves and Dwarfs, monsters, magic and necromancy, Undead and dragons, and quests for long-lost treasure given to you by strange people you meet in taverns, etc) and transposing it into a sci-fi setting. The setting overall is not too dissimilar to Shadowrun, especially since it is replete with mega-corporations and governments run by dragons. The fundamental difference, however, is that you are in space, and in the midst of carrying out random missions and jobs for people, you also have to worry about the rigours of space travel.

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