New Adventures In TTS, Part 2: Against The Astartes

c. Games Workshop

So, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been dabbling more and more in both Tabletop Simulator and in 9th edition 40k, and gradually figuring out how to play both. I’ve been discovering that, despite working from home, if I factor in things like cooking dinner, regular house maintenance, and semi-regular exercise in addition to work…then on an average weekday I still don’t have that much time for a regular-sized game of 40k. Hence, most of my experiments thus far have been at the 1000 points level or lower.

While I’ve gotten some games in with my fledgling Thousand Sons, and still want to go back to my Drukhari at some point (especially with their pointy, venomous new codex on the way), most of my games have been with the Sisters of Battle. In particular, ever since the new Space Marine codex dropped and brought a whole slew of sweeping changes to various weapon profiles with it, I’ve been wanting to experiment more with multi-meltas and with heavy bolters…both of which, thankfully, Sisters of Battle have in abundance.

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