Mobile Suit Nundam

So, yesterday, Games Workshop unveiled a whole slew of upcoming models. One of them in particular caught my attention, and, needless to say, threw Sisters of Battle players everywhere into an excited frenzy: the Sisters of Battle Paragon Warsuit.

While no rules have been revealed for this new unit yet, there has been plenty of speculation making the rounds. On a surface level, it appears to be a Sororitas version of the Nemesis Dreadknight or the Invictor Warsuit, although it is less boxy than the Invictor and, obviously, less ridiculous-looking than the Dreadknight. I think it is save to say that it will probably have decent stats (maybe toughness 5 or 6, with a similar number of wounds), a decent movement rate and a pretty good save. All of the images for it have shown an option of a heavy bolter, heavy flamer or multi-melta for the left arm, a giant sword or mace for the right, and shoulder-mounted missiles or what appears to be either more meltas or some sort of bolt weapon.

So, what do I think of it? I’m going to flat out admit, this warsuit looks really friggin cool. It makes perfect sense to me that, in a galaxy full of genetically enhanced super soldiers and alien horrors, an army of baseline mortal humans would take to war in giant mechsuits to compete. While I’m not quite a fan of the head of the pilot being exposed the way it is, the warsuit itself has an elegant, streamlined design that sets it apart from the more utilitarian-looking Invictor and Dreadknight, and it has all of the baroque aesthetics that are essential to the Sister of Battle line. Looking at this thing evokes very fond memories of the mech battle at the end of The Matrix: Reloaded. Furthermore, it is a completely new unit, that owes nothing to anything that existed previously in the Sororitas miniature range.

Its very announcement, however, raises a number of questions, the first being how it will compare to the Sisters’ other notable bipedal war machine, the Mortifier. (No, not you, Penitent Engine, no one likes you). Given that Mortifiers are really strong right now (thanks largely to heavy bolters getting such a powerful update), the Paragon will have to be pretty strong to be able to compete with them…unless, that is, it ends up being an Elite choice, in which case you could easily field both.

The announcement of the Paragon, however, so soon after the Palatine was released, has caused further speculation as to whether a new Sisters of Battle codex is on the way. In my personal opinion as a Sororitas player, it feels way too early for a new Codex: the current one was released only last year, and (in my opinion) that codex has proven to not only be very successful, but has also transitioned very well into 9th edition, so I don’t think it’s necessarily time for a major update yet. It is possible that GW might want to tone down some of the things about Sisters that are a bit overpowered (such as the perpetual bubble of ignoring AP -2 that the Valorous Heart can generate, or the ridiculous amount of damage that Bloody Rose Repentias can do), but by the same token, a lot of xenos and Chaos players have expressed frustration at the prospect of yet another Imperial release, and I somewhat agree: in my opinion GW should give the xenos/Chaos players more attention in general. In my opinion, while it is nice for the Sororitas to get a new shiny walker, it’s not something that was necessarily needed at this time.

Not that I’ll say no to it, mind you. I’ll definitely be grabbing one when they come out.

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