Here, look at some models

So, as an interlude before any of the other serious writing projects I have on the pipeline, I thought I’d share some of the models in my collection that I’ve painted and am somewhat proud of, and some of the things I’m currently working on. Because, for the most part, this is a 40k blog and that is what 40k bloggers do.


As of writing this, a lot of the new plastic Sisters of Battle I’ve assembled are currently awaiting paint jobs. This, in part, is because the dreaded Canadian winter has set in, and, trapped as I am in a small apartment, there is nowhere where I can safely prime them at the moment (at least, not until I finally get myself a proper airbrush). In the meantime, however, here are some of my current/old Sisters models.

First off, one of my Canonesses:

As I mentioned ages ago on my blog, I had at one point gotten the Sister Ardanna model from Raging Heroes for uses as a Canoness. I freaking love this model– everything from the way her sword is pointed downwards in a sombre Ned Stark pose, to the face that her one visible foot is not only bare, but perched on a gargoyle, to the way her ornate backback makes her look like a walking cathedral. At the moment, I’m somewhat pleased with how she has turned out, but there is a lot of work I still need to do for her: the orange of her sword, for instance, needs brightening, and there are several spots of her armour that could use touching up. Of course, one thing I have discovered from (foolishly) painting an army with white armour is that there is ALWAYS armour that needs touching up.

Next, my version of Celestine, Germaine the Deliverer (so still essentially Celestine):

Of all of my models, I am by far the happiest with how she has turned out…although partly that is because I had the common sense to paint her armour silver than white, going for a pseudo-knightly Joan of Arc/Saber look. The silver was much easier to paint than the white, and I may actually consider painting yet more of my Sisters of Battle white in the future, possibly using the silver to denote elite warriors/leaders. If there is anything I want to go back and fix about Celestine, however, it is to clean up some of the blend on her fiery sword, and maybe clean up the white on her wings a little as well.

Also, one of my old metal Canonesses, with an eviscerator from Kromlech and a base that I cannot remember the producer of at this time. Admittedly, the base needs a lot of fixing, and the white, as usual, needs a lot of cleaning, but otherwise I am really happy with how she has turned out: for a much older model, she still has an incredibly badass, commanding pose to her that she really like.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, she was made back when eviscerators were still a thing for the Sisters. Ever since the new codex, I’ve been counting the eviscerator as a blessed blade. True, I could run her as a Bloody Rose Canoness armed with Benificence, but, well…I already have another model in mind for that…


My Drukhari’s primary Archon, Zhael Yxlsae. The model is Silkeeriss from the Raging Heroes line. At the moment, I am really happy with how her armour and cloak have turned out, though obviously, highlights are needed, especially on her mask.

My Haemonculus, Lazhareq the Sculptor. Originally based on the plastic Haemonculus kit (which admittedly I really like), I snipped his head and instead gave him one of the helmeted Reaver Jetbike heads to give him a sinister, glass-helmeted appearance, and swapped one of his arms for the agonizer from the Scourge kit to give him an electrocorrosive whip. I also glued an arched piece of hull from the Talos kit onto his back to make it look like he has a hovering device keeping him off the ground, but it’s not really visible in this picture. Maybe I’ll try to get a better picture of him in future posts.


Some original mock-ups for my Thousand Sons…though now, I’m instead probably going to go for a slightly brighter, much more metallic red.

Last but by no means last, a Commissar I converted with an old WHFB Empire militiaman’s head to create Tiberius Avalon, the Captain NPC for the Rogue Trader campaign I was running a while back. If the campaign ever resumes (especially once the virus ends), then I would really like to run him again on some battle maps. Until then…I have been toying with the idea of running a Rogue Trader-themed warband to run in either Kill Team or Necromunda…

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