Hunting Heretics, and Looking Stylish While Doing So

Don’t mind me, gentle readers, I just thought I would interrupt the tedium by feeding my own vanity and showing off another of my models. And yes, this time it is yet another Inquisitor.

The model in question is the Witch Hunter by Artel W, a miniature company known for doing absolutely fantastic third-party sculpts. The moment I saw their Witch Hunter, I just knew I had to paint him up. The model itself is fantastic, with almost no mold lines or flash or other issues you tend to see with other resin sculpts, and has a variety of parts. The model itself has the option for the Witch Hunter to be stabbing a rather surprised-looking zombie tumbling at his feet. However, I am not a fan of “actiony” model poses, and instead chose to model the sword lowered menacingly, with a battered Thousand Sons helm lying at his feet, as a hint as to this masked charmer’s favoured prey.

As for how I painted him…sadly, I can never remember what colours went into him, exactly, save that it took a lot of successive highlights in some areas, and a lot of aggravating fine detail work in others (although I can say that for his sword, I followed the method for painting power swords provided by Juan Hidalgo, which actually turned out much better than I expected and provides some much-needed brightness to an otherwise dark model.

Overall, it’s not exactly a pro-painted result, but it’s one that I’m happy with. At the very least, it is leagues better than anything I had done before the start of the pandemic, so at least I can stoke my ego slightly by saying that I’ve improved.

Posing on the cover of Hereticus Millennially, with his BFF, Inquisitor Greyfax.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. Be good little readers, and I just might showcase some more of my crappy models for you. Sound good? Awesome.

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