Wakanda…er…the Imperium Forever!

So, earlier this month, one of my LGS, Hairy Tarantula, held a painting contest for all of its usual customers currently stuck in lockdown. The rules were simple: purchase a single model from the store, paint it up, and then send a picture, along with a picture of proof of purchase, to the contest organizers, who would then judge the results and announce the winners on social media.

While I was tempted to go for something vaguely Sororita-y, I wanted to take a break from painting Sisters of Battle, and instead wanted to try something different. As fate would have it, I had been considering getting the model for Inquisitor Kyria Draxus– what with her fancy armour, looted borrowed Eldar weaponry, pet dragon and mysterious lack of hair– for quite a while now, and so decided to use her as my entry for the painting contest.

I had been mulling over possible colour scheme options when someone on Discord mentioned that, if painted with dark skin, Kyria Draxus kind of reminded them of Okoye from Black Panther.

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