The New Drukhari Codex, and a Drukhari Player’s Dilemma

“LFG — 40K Casual 1k, no Drukhari pls.”

“LFG– 40k Competetive 2k. Looking to take on anything except Drukhari.”

“LFG– 40k Casual 2k Looking to get some practice in with my T’au. Please no Drukhari.”

This is roughly what I saw a lot of on the “TTS Warhammer 40k” discord that I frequent every once in a while when I look for games. I was eager to do more test games with the new Drukhari…and to my distress, a lot of players were explicitly avoiding the pointy-eared pirates of Commorragh altogether.

To backtrack: several weeks ago, the new Drukhari codex finally dropped. I had been looking forward to this release for quite a while, since, after playing with my Sisters of Battle all throughout the latter end of 8th and all of 9th, I was interesting in switching things up a little. I had played the Drukhari through much of 8th edition, and had many fond memories of them zapping and stabbing foes into oblivion (and, conversely, many other memories of my murder elves being blasted out of the sky, but that’s beside the point). Once the codex dropped, I was able to give it a quick readthrough, and I discovered that I mostly liked what I saw. Mostly.

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