Warhammer 40,000 Campaign: The Siege of Hod’s Anvil

This story takes place on Hod’s Anvil, a bastion world responsible for supplying the surrounding sub sector in the absence of support from the main Imperium, and beset on all sides, by the Tau Empire, Hive Fleet Gorgon and Kraken, the corrupting influence of the Hadex Anomaly, and all other manner of foul Xenos scum…

So, recently a 40k campaign has started up at one of my local game stores, the Sword and Board in Toronto. The campaign will be taking place over the course of three months, and each month I will be playing a new randomly-determined opponent, with a choice of one of three possible scenarios to play to represent the ongoing stages of the war.

For this campaign, since the Imperial side filled out pretty quickly, I decided to join up with my Drukhari, the Kabal of the Revenant Shroud, and as this campaign encourages fluff from players, I’m hoping to use this opportunity to write more batreps and, perhaps more importantly, write a little more on the background of the Kabal. Stayed tuned, readers, for more on this!

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