Of Faith and Phoenixes

So this is just a minor update post, but I felt I just needed to gush about a few things down the pipeline, specifically as it pertains to two upcoming GW releases, both of which will be huge for armies that I play.

The first, if the fancy artwork above wasn’t enough of a giveaway, is Blood of the Phoenix, the first part of GW’s new, mysterious Psychic Awakening event, with which is being released a fancy new Aeldari vs Drukhari box (featuring new models for Jain Zar, Howling Banshees, Drazhar and Incubi) and a new campaign book full of new rules for both factions. I think the battle box is out yet, and the campaign book is already up for pre-order from GW…though already, a lot of the rules from it have been leaked online, particularly rules for creating your own Eldar Craftworld, Drukhari Kabal, Wych Cult, etc.

Personally am not too hyped for the combined box: true, the new models for Drazhar and the Incubi look amazing, and apparently both units will be getting new rules to make them more playable…but the box itself costs some $280 Canadian, and it’s the sort of situation where I would have to split its cost and contents with an Eldar player. Unfortunately, most Eldar players I’ve spoken too are none too happy about having to pay for both a Falcon and a Vyper (both rather un-competitive units) in order to get Jain Zar and her Banshees. I may end up simply waiting a month or two for Drazhar and the Incubi to come out in their own boxed sets anyway.

The book, on the other hand, has already been previewed twice, and I must say, I am hyped. I was already impressed (and made more than a little jealous) by the Chapter creation rules in the Space Marine codex, and was wondering if any of the other factions were going to get similar rules for the creation of subfactions. It looks like the answer to that question is a big, resounding “yes,” with custom creation rules available for all three of the main Drukhari factions (Kabals, Wyches, and Haemonculi Covens), along with new stratagems. Oh, and, new stuff for the Craftworlders, but…who cares about them?

I am definitely going to be getting this book, especially since my Drukhari of the Revenant Shroud are my own home-grown faction who have simply been using mainstream Kabal rules for the longest time. I am very eager to experiment with the new Kabal creation rules to create a combination that fits the Revenant Shroud’s background (and, incidentally, I shall be hopefully writing and post that background at a later date).

The other big thing I am hyped about is, well, something that I have been becoming increasingly hyped about all year: this November, the new Sisters of Battle are finally being released…and their release is being accompanied by a fairly gigantic army deal.

The box, from the image above, comes with a Canoness, 10 Battle Sisters, 4 Repentias and their Mistress, 3 Arco-Flagellants, 5 Seraphim and a Penitent Engine, as well as a new Rhino and the Codex (not pictured), all for an apparent total of $385 US (or 505.82 CAN in my case). While I have a lot of thoughts on the new minis (and I will get into details in a future post), I am at the same time apprehensive about buying this new boxed set: on the one hand, I really like what I am seeing, and can certainly see myself adding all of these existing models into my Sisters of Battle army. On the other hand, $505 is a lot to pay in one go, especially since I am barely a month into living on my own. A part of me is even tempted to wait until the new army drops and then just buy new units selectively.

At the very least, I hope to get the Blood of the Phoenix book as soon as it’s available and do a review of it, as well as an analysis of the new Sisters models. Also, yet more batreps await down the pipeline, so stay tuned, gentle readers!

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