The Reconquest of Hieros, Part 2: A Farewell To 8th

c. Games Workshop

Transmitted To: Canoness Superior Ursula Sevrei, Cathedrum Opus Dei, Apotheca
Transmitted By: Sister Ziriel Shylo, Order of the Inkwell, Astro-Terminus Kappa
Thought For The Day: Peace is a lie, there is only the Emperor
‘s Peace

As the crusade to liberate Hieros raged on, the Order of the Blessed Damsel’s forces pressed on against the ring of fortification networks surrounding the cathedral-hive of Lys. In particular, the Sisters focused their ire on a key missile silo under the command of heretic forces. Canoness Solemnas had managed to get into communication with the leaders of other Imperial forces involved in the crusade in orbit, and after a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the capture of the silo, and more importantly the surface-to-orbit missiles contained therein, would be crucial for bringing more ground forces down to the planet’s surface. The Sisters of the Order accepted the task without hesitation, and upon the next solar dawn, they brought the flaming sword of the Emperor’s wrath down upon the enemy.

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