Battle Report #11: The Lost and the Damned

c. Jake Murray

Ah, thought Nassicros of the Gilded Talon as he soared above the snow-smothered treeline, it felt good to be on the hunt again.

He and his brethren glided over the forest canopy, angry blue flame searing outwards from the snarling daemonic maws of their jet backs as they skirted the edge of the treeline. Though their weapons had been sheathed, their violet armor was spattered with blood from their most recent skirmish. Reflecting the albino canopy below them, the inhuman ichor seemed to shimmer a bright blue, almost topaz in colour that was stirring to the senses. Nassicros had to admit, it was pleasing to the eye, though little else about this wretched mud-hut of a planet could be said to be beautiful.

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