Battle Report #13: Unforeseen Variables

c. Forge World

Provisional Site B-VT

Arka’shun Plains

Disc-world of Yo’vai, Nemyar Atoll

“As you can see, Aun’o, the situation is under control,” the chief Earth Caste scientist said as he walked through the halls of the provisional site. On either side of him, one of his aides was busy poring over holo–screeds generated by drones hovering nearby, assessing continuous information updates on the project. Behind the three of them strode another pair of T’au, of a taller and more imposing build than that of the stocky Earth caste: even if they had not been wearing ornate golden armour, regal white tabards or wielded massive bejeweled staves that looked as deadly as they did ornamental, these two T’au each still possessed an aura of fierce, aloof confidence that demanded the respect and obedience of everyone in the facility.

And even then, these two T’au were nothing compared to the wizened figure who sat behind them, hovering in the wake of the group upon a great ivory throne set upon a great circular hover-dais. At the mere sight of this individual, all T’au in the facility immediately bowed in instinctual reverence, their thoughts filled with joy that he had blessed them with his very presence.

“So you communicated a kai’rotaa ago, Fio’o Ku’nais,” said Aun’va, the Supreme Ethereal, the Master of the Undying Spirit, his voice clear and melodious despite his advanced age. “And yet, given what you described of these anomalies in your last message, I wished all the same to see them in person. You mentioned that they had highly…unusual physical properties?”

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